Focus on The Palmetto State

June 2014 at 9:30am  - Focus on the Palmetto State

In our first segment we meet Felicia Murphy, Executive Director of Surgeons for Sight.  This organization was formed in 2009 by the physicians at Southern Eye Associates. After many years of volunteering their time and donating funds to provide eye exams, eyeglasses and eye surgery to disadvantaged people in South Carolina and in third world countries, they decided to unite their efforts and expand their reach. Their mission is to help disadvantaged people, both locally and abroad, get the eye care they need to lead productive lives.

In segment two we speak with Coach Tommy Hood, the owner of Carolina Karate. He and his staff work with children and adults in showing how this form of martial arts benefits physical fitness, self-confidence and character development.

In our last segment we meet a local author, Bob Fiacco.  His latest book is entitled Showing Up to Play.  He was born with physical issues that would cause emotional issues as he grew up.  But he learned that in every hardship there is a lesson to be learned.  In this book,he shares some humorous true stories that have taken place on the golf course and allows us to see a correlation to lifes struggles that all people face.  Although these stores are funny,they allow the reader to find a strategy to help them overcome their own hurdles.