Focus on The Palmetto State

August 2015 at 9:30 am  - Focus on the Palmetto State


Michael Davis is involved with the organization called Dress for your Dreams. Their mission is to assist disadvantaged women in developing career development skills and mindset, providing professional attire and a network of support to help them thrive in the workplace and in life. Their vision is to create an environment of success and positive self-esteem in disadvantaged women. This initiative offers mentoring to improve their self-esteem, evaluating and assessing their needs and the skills necessary to become self-sufficient by providing training and the proper attire to equip and enable them to be more competitive in the marketplace.


Kristi King-Brock, the Executive Director of AIM says they meet the needs of struggling individuals and families in Anderson County. AIM was founded by churches to eliminate the duplication of assistance to those in need. For more than two decades, AIM has stabilized the community and continues to do so using its hand up, not hand out philosophy. AIM is known for doing a lot with a little and continues to significantly help its clients positively change their lives long-term. AIM is unique because of its numerous efficient programs and passionate, committed volunteers. AIM is well known in the Upstate for giving hope and changing lives and continues to do so with unparalleled levels of energy, efficiency and reliability. One unique program they offer called the “Women and Children Succeeding” program.  South Carolina ranks in the top 10 of women living in poverty.  This particular program was created to help combat that statistic.  AIM provides childcare for the women in the program so they can return to school and gain the education needed to obtain a successful career.  Their goal is that when they finish the program they are able to move from poverty, support their family and be productive members of our community.  Their success rate has been phenomenal.


A South Carolina engineer is making thousands of lives better with fresh water. Water of Life is working to provide clean water to villages in Africa and India with an effort started by Roland Bergeron. Roland became interested in the clean water problems facing people in those countries during a mission trip with his church in 2001. Since then he has helped 100’s of villages and established Water of Life.  Roland joined us to talk about his work and the help he needs to make it a success.