Focus on The Palmetto State

December 2014 at 9:30am 

Segment one features Mr. Ron Baker, author of Financial Leadership for American Families.  He has helped families in this area financially succeed for more than 23 years. Members of the upper, middle, or low-income families can use this book as a resource to change their lives today and forever. Using this book along with suggested resources and financial discipline can be instrumental in helping responsible household members to become successful financial leaders. The information provides guidance through an established financial structure. Its structure includes safe and proven strategies. The financial leadership strategies assist families with making intelligent financial decisions that lead to tremendous advantages when planning to achieve their financial goals. All the strategies begin with a focus on leadership principles such as vision and goals. The life changing strategies will help guide their vision toward turning the family's vision and goals into reality.



In segment two we speak with Maria Davis who has started a non-profit organization called Dress For Your Dreams.  Their mission is to assist disadvantaged women in developing career development skills and mindset, providing professional attire and a network of support to help them thrive in the workplace and in life. Their vision is to create an environment of success and positive self-esteem in disadvantaged women. This initiative offers mentoring to improve their self-esteem, evaluating and assessing their needs and the skills necessary to become self-sufficient by providing training and the proper attire to equip and enable them to be more competitive in the marketplace.


In our last segment we meet Sonya Cunningham and LaBarbara Sampson.  They are members of Epsilon Tau Omega chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority.  AKA is the nations first sorority established by African American women at Howard University in 1908.  They will host a Debutante Cotillion this month in Greenville.  This service sorority promotes leadership, personal development and inspires educational and cultural growth.  ETO is proud to provide over $40,000 in scholarships to African American high school seniors.