Focus on The Palmetto State

May 2015 at 9:30 am

First up we spoke with Amy Roe, the Marketing Director with the Fountain Inn Chamber of Commerce.  This small town has attracted many manufacturing companies and distribution facilities over the years providing many jobs in our county.  They’re also in the process of revitalizing their downtown area for future generations.  Their job opportunities are making it a relocation destination for many people. Their big push right now is making sure the workforce gets the training and education they need for these lucrative manufacturing positions.

In segment two we met Sarah Lyles, the Director of Palmetto Pride.  This is a legislative initiative created to fight litter and beautify our state.  Palmetto Pride’s education programs are designed to encourage students of all ages to be active in litter prevention. Palmetto Pride would not be as successful in its efforts without all the hard work of volunteers throughout South Carolina. Through the pickup programs, volunteers have picked up millions of pieces of litter from roads, dump-sites, forests, parks, waterways, interstates and neighborhoods.

In segment three we learned about the importance of honeybees.  We visited Carolina Honeybees Farm in Pickens.  Charlotte Anderson, owner and Master Beekeeper explained the process of making honey and the relationship of honeybees to our food sources.  They pollinate over 90 food crops, which is about one third of the food we eat.