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Snow Clean-Up Lingers

Updated: Friday, March 8 2013, 08:20 AM EST

Warmer temperatures are melting away our biggest snowfall of the season, but it doesn't all go away at the same rate. It depends on "where" you live.  Snow lingers in mountain communities up high, where the temperatures are colder and there isn't as much sunshine. 

Residents along East Alarka Road in Swain County still had snow on the ground Thursday and school leaders called for another snow day. Residents know winter lingers at their homes; they'll have to heat a little longer than folks in lower elevations, and have a little more patience.

Some, like James Smith, say there's a good side to the snow as well. He says, “This is good really. It will keep the fruit trees back from budding out early in Spring.”

By and large, the snow that remains is on the ground and grassy areas. Residents say the plows did a good job at clearing the roads but they’ll keep an eye on melting during the day and re-freezing at night.  

By Rex Hodge

Snow Clean-Up Lingers

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